Starting from scratch!

Okay – so I’ve joined up with WordPress and am now on the road to being a Blogger! I’m into photography and music  – often both together – which will probably become clearer as the blog grows.  In particular I enjoy photographing musicians, especially pretty lady musicians, as well as pretty ladies in general!

I’m quite particular in the kind of subject I enjoy working with the most. I’m not really into ‘glamour’ or anything overtly sexualised for the sake of being so. I prefer a sense of mystery, and to take a ‘less is more’ approach to the subject. I like shooting ‘girl next door’ types, beautiful young ladies with a natural, fresh appeal and I particularly love black and white fine art photography when it comes to the female form.

So, apart from using the blog as a method to exhibit my own work and to celebrate the natural beauty of the lovely ladies I come across in my work, I’ll be discussing and sharing the work of other photographers who inspire me with their own take on female beauty.

As a taster, I include below the portrait of my friend Laura, a lovely, natural beauty who could well be the ‘girl next door’ but who stands out in the crowd simply for her stunning features!


13 Laura K



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