Dedicated to photography, music and beautiful women


A picture, so they say, can paint a thousand words. I’m not sure whether a thousand words could ever sum up some of the pictures I take but, certainly when it comes to photography, and in particular the photography of beautiful young women, I don’t think that many words are really necessary!

I’m a photography enthusiast and a former pro-musician and I hope my pictures speak for themselves. I can add detail about where and when but I leave it to the viewer to interpret, or simply enjoy, the material and subjects I post in my photo-blog.

I intend to post some of my work, alternating the subject material between some of the lovely ladies and musicians I’ve often had the pleasure of working with and the other subjects which I find interesting enough to turn my camera towards – such as architecture and transport, but especially the simple pleasures of nature that we see around us every day.

I’m based in Essex, UK and welcome collaborations for photography projects, especially in portrait and lifestyle photography with attractive and free-spirited young ladies who might like to ‘have a go’ and discover new ways of expressing themselves in beautiful and inspiring photographic art..

Enjoy the selection of material as it grows – comment, judge, like – or dislike. Feedback and critique is always welcome!

Many thanks.


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